Welcome to Vista LED


Everyone in the commercial world wants their business to stand out and be noticed. Whether this is to establish corporate identity, branding, be different or to make a statement. Vista LED display can be the key to your success.

Vista LED displays provides quality indoor, outdoor LED displays and window signs at an affordable price.
The LED message display is the most effective way to advertise your business, attract customers and promote your products and  services.

Features and benifits

  • Proven to be the highest marketing ROI (Return On Investment)
  • The lowest cost compared to other advertisements
  • Boosting your sales by 25% to 100% and more
  • Branding your business to your products and services
  • Motivating new and returning customers to buy from your business

The signs are designed to be bright enough to be read under sunlight. LED displays can be installed outdoors or indoors.

Our LED Displays are capable of displaying up to 640 messages and images.
Messages on LED Display can be edited anytime almost instantly to effectively display your advertisement.

We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2004!

We offer custom LED displays to best fit your specific requirements!

Tell us what you need..

* The size of the display you need

* How many colors: single colour, tri-colors or full colors (RGB)

* How bright you want your display

* What are the main applications: for message only, pictures and annimations or video display.